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RECODeck (SOLID) Advanced Composite Decking

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RECODeck SOLID advanced composite decking is the next generation in composite decking and is ideal for garden steps, marina pontoons and other commercial areas where load bearing needs to be considered. Whilst RECODeck Solid can be used as a stand alone product, it is also used in tandem with RECODeck Hollow, for a more cost effect home and light commercial solution. 

RECODeck Solid is very dense and very strong, do not be fooled by inferior products that look like RECODeck but are weaker and less reliable. Our aim to provide quality composite decking products at economical prices. We want you to be as impressed and as confident with your RECODeck as we are, which is why RECODeck comes with a 10 year warranty and when we install - a money back guarantee applies (terms and conditions apply).


Dimensions: 3600mm x 143mm x23mm. RECODeck Solid Narrow Groove in Oak is sold online @ £27.93 per board. This equates to £7.76 per linear meter.

Our Quality

• Quality control is carried out by independent auditors on each batch
• Continous improvement policy in design and supply
• 95% recycled material and fully mixed to ensure consistency
• Low water absorption rates of approximately 0.8%
• Anti-slip and anti-fungal properties
• Contains more wood than plastic therefore higher density
• Deeper grooves aid water dispersal, RECODeck has a higher rate of traction than normal decking - reducing slippage

Our Range

• Hollow decking boards are suitable for domestic and light commercial use
• Hollow & Solid decking boards used in conjunction, are suitable for commercial use
• Solid decking doards are suitable for load bearing and high traffic areas
• Contact Us for prices and details on our full range: cedar, grey, charcoal
• Ask about style options - narrow groove and wide groove

Installation Service: DeckSafe offers a complete design and installation service for this product, to enquire; Telephone 01206 322899 or fill in the one minute form

Purchase online: You can purchase RECODeck Solid oak narrow groove online, NB: Prices shown are per 3.6m board.

Fixtures and Fittings We sell RECODeck flat edging trim & RECODeck fitting system in a box, which provides you with everything you need to complete your new RECODeck.

NB: Cant find what you are looking for? We invest heavily in stock and not everything we do is displayed on our website. If you were looking for a different size or bespoke solution or another product contact us: 01206 322899  or fill in the 1 minute form 

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RECODeck Flat Trim

What better way to provide that professional finishing touch to your new RECODeck, than to edge it with RECODeck Flat trim.   RecoDeck Flat Trim is; 2200mm L x 70 mm W x 10mm thick. Use to boarder RECODeck Hollow and RECODeck Solid.