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GRP – The Green Option04 November 2013

In an era where the environmental impact of a product holds almost as much importance as its price tag it has become essential to be able to demonstrate the ‘Green’ side of your business in order to secure the confidence of a growing number of potential clie… Read More >

Don’t Slip Up On Flooring IssuesDon’t Slip Up On Flooring Issues28 April 2014

Despite health and safety awareness being at an all time high, slips and trips are still one of the biggest causes of accidents and injuries in the workplace. An astounding 95% of major slips result in broken bones and, with injury claims having risen sharply in value i… Read More >

National Press Boost for Convex Decking StripsNational Press Boost for Convex Decking Strips16 May 2014

DeckSafe Solutions have received a huge boost by having their Anti-Slip Convex Decking Strips nominated as ‘Product of the Week’ by the Daily Mirror’s DIY expert Donny Sheridan. Although there was a small error with the product name by the print shop,… Read More >

GRP Grating Panels – Versatility Personified!GRP Grating Panels – Versatility Personified!16 May 2014

It’s not often that you come across a product that can be used for such a wide range of applications and with such a degree of flexibility. It is fair to say that most construction materials do what they say on the tin but to apply the same rule to GRP grating you… Read More >

How to make your stairs stand out safelyHow to make your stairs stand out safely16 May 2014

I’ve written about the dangers of stairs in previous posts but, if I’m honest, it’s a drum worth banging! Here are some stats for you from the HSE: - Slips, trips and falls have a combined estimated number of working days lost of 1.3 million (slips an… Read More >